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Elegant Mediæval Fonts for PC and Apple Mac

The Middle Ages were a heyday of book copying and printing. Manuscripts and books were first copied by monastic scribes, later printed. This period saw the creation of many beautiful font styles.

SoftMaker's new font package Elegant Mediæval Fonts comes with 32 mediæval fonts from several European countries, such as Germany, England, and Ireland.

These fonts have never been available from SoftMaker before.


Ligatures, umlauts, and more

Many fonts in this package come with the long and the short "s" and ligatures for letter pairs such as "fi", "fl", "st", or "tz", a prerequisite for beautiful typesetting.

Additionally, many of the fonts contain alternative umlauts in the style of centuries gone by:

Special umlauts


Installation made easy

Installation is a breeze: Under Windows, add the typefaces via the Fonts option in your Control Panel. On the Apple Mac, simply double-click on a typeface. Install and enjoy!


Elegant Mediæval Fonts
for PC and Apple Mac

EUR 19.99

Customers in the U.S. and
Canada: US$ 19.99

Online bestellen


System requirements

All fonts shipping in TrueType format and additionally in OpenType PostScript format (compatible with Mac and PC)

Windows: any Windows version starting with Windows 95

Linux: any Linux with a graphical user interface

Apple Mac: any system with Mac OS X



Included fonts

Elegant Mediæval Fonts


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Pricing includes VAT for customers inside the EU. Add shipping & handling.