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SoftMaker Office 2010 for Windows Mobile. The Only Desktop-Class Office Suite for Windows Mobile.


PDA Essentials writes: "SoftMaker reinvents the mobile office... a must-have for all road warriors. Delivers the best ever office functionality on a handheld."


TextMaker 2010 for Windows Mobile

PlanMaker 2010 for Windows Mobile

SoftMaker Presentations 2010 for Windows Mobile

TextMaker 2010
Word processor

PlanMaker 2010

SoftMaker Presentations 2010
Presentation graphics


In an ideal world, you could create a file in Microsoft Office on your desktop computer, put it on your Pocket PC, edit and format it on the road, and then send it back to the office, with content and all formatting still intact.

Unfortunately, it does not work that way. Microsoft's Office Mobile is, after all these years, still not able to reliably open Microsoft Office files without massive data loss – all functions and formatting that it does not know, are silently stripped and thrown away. After Office Mobile touched them, many files share only a distant resemblance with what they once were.

Enter SoftMaker Office 2010 for Windows Mobile. This full-featured office suite lets you open, edit, and save any Microsoft Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file on your Windows Mobile device. Directly and without conversion, retaining all the formatting, functions, and contents of your Office files.

SoftMaker Office offers the full feature set of a modern desktop-class office suite:

TextMaker: All the high-end features of your desktop word processor in a friendly, speedy package for Windows Mobile. Fully compatible with Microsoft Word.

PlanMaker: The feature-packed spreadsheet that gives you full Excel power on your mobile computer. Fully compatible with Microsoft Excel.

SoftMaker Presentations: All the transitions, animations, designs, and layouts that you know from PowerPoint... take them with you wherever you go. Fully compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint.

SoftMaker Office lets you complete on the road all the tasks for which you use Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on your desktop computer.

Imagine that: An office suite on Windows Mobile that works just like Microsoft Office on your desktop computer!


Download the free trial version

Try before you buy! You can download a free 30-day trial version of SoftMaker Office for Windows Mobile here.


Each package comes with 3 licenses, allowing simultaneous use on three Pocket PCs. Easy reinstallation. No copy protection or forced activation.

View the liberal license terms.

The Top Five new features in SoftMaker Office 2010:

Seamless support for the DOCX and XLSX file formats from Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010

A fourfold increase in capacity and speed in PlanMaker

Presentation-quality charts in PlanMaker

Presentations: picture collections, HTML export etc.

Document tabs for easy switching between open documents

SoftMaker Office 2010 for Windows Mobile

EUR 69.95

Customers in the U.S. and Canada: US$ 79.95

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