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SoftMaker Office

Word processing, spreadsheets and
presentations for smartphones and tablets

The complete GDPR-compliant alternative to Word,
Excel and PowerPoint – now on iOS and Android!

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SoftMaker Office

The best alternative to Microsoft Office. Now with ChatGPT.

ChatGPT, give me some slogans for SoftMaker Office!

Sure. Let me think for a moment...

“SoftMaker Office – the smart alternative for your office”

“Creativity without limits: Unleash your potential with SoftMaker Office!”

“SoftMaker Office and ChatGPT: your unbeatable duo for error-free and accurate texts.”

“Efficiency made easy with SoftMaker Office – maximize your productivity!”

Care for more suggestions? Just a moment...

“The secret weapon for perfect texts: SoftMaker Office combined with the writing intelligence of ChatGPT.”

“Write more efficiently – thanks to SoftMaker Office and ChatGPT.”

“Not magic, but close: Achieve more with SoftMaker Office and ChatGPT.”


FlexiPDF for Windows

The GDPR-compliant alternative to Adobe Acrobat

With automatic translation, PDF merging, digital signatures and document comparison. As easy to use as a word processor.

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Great fonts for every occasion

Premium-quality OpenType and TrueType fonts for Windows, macOS and Linux.
Webfonts with unlimited pageviews included.

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At we offer new free fonts every month.


Office news

November 29

Just released: Download SoftMaker Office for iOS and Android free of charge now

November 20

New features in SoftMaker Office:

  • New SmartChat function for text review
  • Longer texts with SmartChat
  • New Duden Korrektor
  • Pass formatting through formulas in PlanMaker
  • Numbering in Greek, Russian and Bulgarian More...
September 7

New features in SoftMaker Office:

  • Dark documents in dark mode
  • SmartChat writes in formal and informal styles now. More...
July 25

New features in SoftMaker Office:

  • QR codes also in PlanMaker and Presentations
  • Multi-row input line in PlanMaker More...

More news

November 8

Our new Free Font of the Month is "Malaga Pro". Free download at


SoftMaker Office NX for Windows, Mac and Linux

Revision 1206

SoftMaker Office 2024 for Windows, Mac and Linux

Revision 1206

SoftMaker Office NX for iOS

Revision 1207

SoftMaker Office NX for Android

Revision 1207

FlexiPDF NX and 2022 for Windows

Revision 3.0.7